Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a fun article to learn more about this holiday in France: Joyeuse Saint Valentin ! Valentine’s day in France.

Tomorrow we will be hosting one of our favorite events, la Chandeleur. Over the years, la Chandeleur has taken different forms, sometimes gathering in the evening reception-style, sometimes at special dinners in restaurants, but always enjoying the food and company. This year we have planned a relaxed time when you can easily visit with friends and enjoy the food in a way that works with your schedule. Come at 3:00 and stay for the full time or drop by between other Saturday activities and errands.

The AFJ board met earlier this week and planned programming for this year. The first that you will be learning more about is a new book club for AFJ members. If you love French literature or want to add some to your reading list, be watching for an email next week that will share information and let those interested be a part of making the selection for our first book.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Annerin Long
AFJ Board President